Hey there! Thanks for stopping by. By now you've probably figured this out, but in case you haven't, I'm a photographer. Whaaaat? It's true. I'm a photographer and photo art director living in Chicago, IL. I primarily specialize in product and fashion photography, but dabble in weddings and lifestyle portraiture as well. 

For me, working in product and fashion photography is really where my creativity explodes. I get excited thinking about how I can showcase a product in a way that really speaks to what that product is, whether that mean's highlighting it's beauty and expert craftsmanship, or getting wildly creative to showcase how fun the item itself is with wild colors, patterns, and props. The challenge of bringing personality to each item I work with is what keeps me motivated to come the studio every day, ready to make some magic.

I currently fill most of my days by working as the Photography Art Director at Luxury Garage Sale in Chicago. When I'm not shooting, art directing, or managing my team, I can most likely be found hunting for the next greatest coffee shop and eating some delicious donuts. Don't believe me? Check out my instagram below... It's true, and it's what most people tell me that they think of when they hear my name.... and I'm totally ok with that.

If you're interested in working together or just want to say hi, please reach out! I'm always up for a good chat over coffee and donuts.